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The Marathon Zone 2009

The controlling venue (i.e. where the Photo Marathon starts and ends) is St. Giles Church, Church Drive, West Bridgford NG2 6AX - web site.


Marathon Zone

Map courtesy Google Maps


This map shows the zone of the Photo Marathon. All photos must be shot within this area. You will be permitted to cross the River Trent either by the suspension bridge or Trent Bridge in order to take photographs from the other side of the river and across the bridges. Please don't take photos on Victoria Embankment away from West Bridgford in the direction of the Meadows, or in the Memorial Gardens as these are not West Bridgford. The Nottingham Forest Football Ground is within the zone.

Places of interest are:-

  • West Bridgford Park (off Central Avenue bordering Albert Road)
  • Central Avenue (Shopping Centre)
  • Victoria Embankment looking towards West Bridgford
  • Nottingham Forest Football Club (Trentside)
  • St. Giles Church (Church Drive)
  • Memorial (Junction of Musters Road and Bridgford Road)
  • Trent Bridge Cricket Ground (Bridgford Road / Radcliffe Road)
  • The World Famous Trent Bridge Inn (Radcliffe Road / Bridgford Road junction)
  • Suspension Bridge (crosses from Loughborough Road to Victoria Embankment)
  • County Hall (Loughborough Road)
  • Bridgford Park (behind Central Avenue)